We’ve Moved!

After 23 years in the Temecula area, we have finally moved to San Diego. Escrow will close in just a few more days, at which time we will be able to begin the process of purchasing our sailboat / new home.

Estate sale staging
Estate sale staging – every room in the house had tables with junk on display

I have had many people ask me if we were sure that sailing is what we really want – were we really sure. I’ve read many blogs on the subject, including Windtraveler (raising children aboard is SO cool!), Zero to Crusing! (TRX workouts on a boat! Who knew?), and This Rat Sailed (with whom I have much in common). We have researched Sailing, and I’ve obtained ASA 101, 103 and 104 certifications. However, I believe the biggest lifestyle change has less to do with life aboard a sailboat, and more to do with what we undertook back in August, when we “cleansed” ourselves of virtually everything we

10x5 Storage Unit
(Almost) everything we own

It’s amazing how our options have opened up since cleansing ourselves of all the unnecessary crap we’ve accumulated over the years. We now only own what is in our under-used, 10×5 storage unit plus one car load (well, two, if you count the Mini Cooper). This, combined with the prospect of not having a mortgage, allows us more flexibility than we’ve ever had in our lives.


Studio 819
Our temporary home

We are currently renting a tiny furnished apartment in the Hillcrest area. It’s an older building, but clean. And, according to Yelp, we have about 60 restaurants within a half mile from here. Balboa Park – and the San Diego Zoo – are just over a mile away. We are thinking of treating the month or so we are here as a “mini working vacation” – eating out almost every night, and seeing the sites of San Diego.